Our Family



He came from India to help open hotels in the San Diego area. He started out as a maintenance manager and worked his way up the ladder to become the GM of our hotel. Bob is a master of all trades and is not afraid to get his hands dirty! His talents vary greatly from fixing leaky bathrooms and broken sprinklers to managing hotels. His biggest asset is the way he treats his guest with open arms and how he makes our hotel feel like a true “Home Away From Home." Everyone ALWAYS remembers Bob! He has been with our company since 1989 and managed the Surf Motel in Carlsbad CA for 17 years .



Anthony has been In the hospitality field for over 20 years working in various hotels in the San Diego area. His positions ranged from maintenance and concierge services to Front desk assistant manager. He has Joined the DKN Family over 16 years ago planting his roots at the Surf Motel in Carlsbad CA. His calm demeanor and gentle personality make everyone feel welcomed! Anthony’s passions are computer technology, video gaming, museums and parks. He is a souther California native. 



Dawn has been in retail and customer service for over 34 years. She is a two time business owner and creator of a unique “Dinosaur Activity Center” in upstate NY. Being a tour guide in San Diego gives her extensive knowledge of places to visit and things to do on a shoestring budget. She loves helping people, making them feel like they are family and always making them laugh. She originally started her hotel career at the Surf Motel in Carlsbad and has been with us on and off since 2007. Her passions are interior design and working with animals.